Designed to both defend and enable the future
of aviation


Defending Aviation

LiveLink Aerospace has developed an end-to-end counter-drone solution with a focus on making sure that information can be communicated through all levels of decision-making in any CUAS situation. 


The technology has been built from the ground-up after surveying the full market picture towards tracking drones into a mesh-based approach instead of a single, expensive source and can be deployed and employed around any sensitive infrastructure.  


It covers the full expanse of Detect, Track, Identify and Effector (DTI&E) – which is unique for a civil-origin product, though it has many applications within the defence sector.


Enabling Aviation

LiveLink Aerospace has developed a Very Low Level (VLL) “drone radar” that can be established in any country for a national drone solution.


Designed to create a recognised air picture instead of simply a point solution as currently exists around high value facilities due to the cost of incumbent industry solutions.

LiveLink Aerospace's work is of great significance in enabling the drone and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) industries.

In its recent Remote ID proposal, the FAA states that it is, 

“A requirement for a non-cooperative surveillance system which will need to be…deployed outside the traditional Air Traffic Management (ATM) system to detect Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) not transmitting ID signals.  For UAS to conduct safe, routine BVLOS operation, UAS should be able to detect both cooperative and non-cooperative aircraft (manned and unmanned) so they can maintain a safe distance from those aircraft.”

We believe ours is the first product that offers the potential for such a solution nationally.


Running from our founders’ passion in aviation and the staff alongside them, we have also developed a means to enable an “Uber-esque” National Drone Network to enable a sustainable approach to aviation by removing transportation from our roads and move to a pay-as-you-fly shared economy. 


If you are an end-user interested in what and how we can offer such a solution, get in touch.